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Unified School District #1 - In 1999 the Verdigre School District unified with the school districts of Orchard and Clearwater making up Nebraska's first Unified School District. The district covers 549 miles. Education Service Unit #8 and #1 provide qualified support services in; Nursing, Speech Therapy, Special Education, Psychologist, Staff Development, Technology Assistance, Migrant Program, among other pertinent programs.

Elementary School - Hosts kindergarten through 6th grade.

High School - High-school addition and renovations was completed in August of 2011.

Preschool - Early childhood development was added to school 2017

Verdigre Public School is all in one campus for all grades pre K through 12th. Coming to visit during school hours? Enter the complex through the front entrance office on west side of the building.

Verdigre School and Niobrara School work together to for athletic teams. Athlete's from the schools form the Cougar Squad displaying sportsmanship and team work. Cougar Pride is found in both communities showing values of communities working together on and off the field.  

For more information please visit our school's website.

Verdigre Public School Foundation is a non-profit 501(c3) organization promoting educational enhancement for the Verdigre Community. Many educational enhancements have happened visit their website-make a change today.


Private Learning

Inn Tune Studios  
Private instruction in piano, accordion, and guitar. 402-668-2277
Fouette Dance Studios
Group instruction in dance performance. Competition performance is available. 402-394-1344
Verdigre Library
Special interest classes offered. Verdigre Library

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